We are looking for American Weed farmers and other partners

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We are looking for California farms that would ike to brand as an  AmericanWeed farm. You will join a select group of other farms that will be part of this new awesome brand and all the  benefits that come with the brand.


We will provide you with awesome, high quality custom packaging of all types - Bags, Jars, Cans, Pop Tops, and more - all badass, custom designs. 


We will advertise our brand of farms through events like the High Times Cannabis Cup, full page ads in their magazine along with Dope & Culture and billboards. America will know about our farms and where to find them locally. 


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How To Become An AmericanWeed Farm

Send us a message for for information. We are only seeking farms at this point. For other inquiries please email bud@americanweed.com

Feel free to text any inquiries to (707) 731.7867


Sacramento, CA 95814, US

(707) 731-7867 (text only)


Monday - Saturday: 9am -7pm